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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scooter Lessons!

Before yesterday, I had yet to get behind the wheel (or handle bars in this case) of our new scooter!! I preferred the backseat, and was happy spending my ride back there as Aaron navigated the mayhem of Korean traffic! But yesterday Aaron told me it was time I stepped it up and learned how to drive it - just incase I ever needed to! So, he took me to his school, on the island, where there was plenty of open cement to hone in on my skills!!
This may look like I'm driving REALLY fast, but I was probably only going 10 miles an hour, which is where I like to be right now! The slower I go, the safer I am, right?! :)

The best 3 parts about my scooter lesson were
#1) the fact that I didn't fall (whew!!)...
#2) When I would pass the old Korean women walking laps around the school, they would cheer me on and yell "fighting!"...
#3) Seeing the look on Aaron's face as I made another lap without crashing! He was so proud of his girl and cheered me on the whole time!!

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