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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jess and Carlos - on TV tonight!

Two of my best friends, Jess and Carlos, are making their television debut tonight on Korean TV! A camera crew went out to their place and spent 2 weeks with them, filming their life for a documentary on THEM! It airs tonight, in Busan, at 11:30pm (Korean time!)
If you want to watch it and get to know Jess and Carlos, you can watch it live! :) Just click on this link... ...and then click on the tiny TV on the top left corner of the screen (When you scroll over the TV, it will say "Korean Arirang") but you have to watch it at the right time!

Cali and AZ people - that's 7:30am Monday and Tuesday morning!
North Carolina and Boston people - that's 10:30am for you Monday and Tuesday morning!

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