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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fieldtrip Day!

Yesterday was our 1st fieldtrip of the school year! We took the kids to Gyungsangnamdo Forest!

When we go on fieldtrips, we don't mess around! We ride in style...

...and comfort! Sure beats a yellow school bus huh?! We even had a coffee machine, karaeokee, and a big screen TV to watch SHRECK 3!

These are some of my 4th grade girls!

Before we walked through the forest, we met inside for a "meet and greet" from the Principal and Vice Principal! You would think they were giving a seminar to college students! These kids were not interested in the least bit, and frankly, neither were the teachers! Stella said it's tradition and that's the only reason why this happens!

Speaking of tradition, after the meet and greet, each class stood with this banner to have their picture taken! Total time of all these shananagans was 1 hour and 30 mins! Horrible, huh?!

There were thousands of different species of flowers throughout the forest, and over 1800 species of trees! These are the 1st graders in the museum portion of the forrest.

Marie and Andrea! (5th grade)

1st graders (Kristen, ??, ??, Addison, and ??) I taught Kristen and Addison in kindergarden last year!

This was so funny and resourceful! Wherever there was grass, they had layed this green plastic netting to make the grass look more green! (Grass doesn't grow well here for some reason!)

Lunchtime is usually my favorite time during fieldtrips! The classes all sit together and the students lay out their picnic mats, pull out their lunches, and share their food with each other! Yes, that's right... THEY SHARE! Everyone's food is everyone's (including me)!

Lindsay found this dragonfly!

My 4th grade girls on a big rock! :)

These are some of the flowers we spotted on our walk...

This one was my favorite of the day!

This tree was filled with tiny fuschia roses! It was gorgeous!

Some of the kids were smart and brought their own little magnifying glasses to get an up close and personal look at the flowers!

Our tour guide asked each kid to pick up one of these mini pinecones...
... and she taught us how to make bracelets out of them! Nothing like a pinecone bracelet to add to the jewelry box!
She also told us that these trees are 1400 years old!!
After walking through the forest, it was time to stop in at the petting zoo! This is Anna and Lauren (6th grade)!

We saw goats, donkeys, monkeys, all kids of different chickens and turkeys, gorgeous birds I'd never seen before, owls, volutures (which are ENORMOUS!), baby deer, ostriches, boars, pharrots, and peacocks! :)
I still have no idea how he got this feather, because it's one of the ostrich's feathers! (It had this above it's butt... We saw them when it spread its colorful feathers!) Either way, it was really soft and kinda cool to touch and see up close!

Somehow I got stuck with the adventurous 6th grade boys who wanted to do things like feed this ostrich their snacks! Have you ever seen an ostrich try to take something from someone's hands? YIKES! Don't worry, no one got hurt! :)
after this, we all jumped in the bus and headed back to school! It was such a great day and so nice to spend it outside with all my favorite kids!

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