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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1st teacher dinner of the year!

I knew the days of eating nachos and chicken fingers during happy hour with my co-workers in Arizona would be over when I moved to Korea... but when I showed up to our 1st teacher dinner of the year and found these foods in front of me, I knew I was definitely in for an adventure!


Baby octopus (and yes, I ate an entire octopus by myself!)

I really have NO idea what these were, but I ate some of each!

I remember the first couple times an entire fish was served at my table... I would quickly grab a piece of lettuce and throw it over the fish's head. Now, I'm not grossed out at all! Infact, I enjoyably (is that word?) devoured this entire fish (minus the head), and it was delicious!!

Unforuntalely I don't have a picture of what I'm about to tell you. It was a bit spur of the moment, and I went with it! Stella and I both ate a LIVE sea slug... and yes, it was wiggling in our mouths! It was disgusting, rubbery, and tasted like I was eating a mouth full of salt water! Can't say I regret it though! It's another fun thing to add to the list of weird things I've tried while living here!
I learned that when Koreans are finished eating, they put their sookada (spoon) and chookada (chopsticks) like this on the table... in the same way we would lay ours crossways on our plates! Just an interesting little Korean tidbit for your enjoyment! :)

I love this girl! Since we don't get to teach together this year, we always take advantage of teacher dinners and afterschool events by sticking together and catching up on our weeks! Notice we have the exact same color coat on! :)

Overall, the night was great! The restaurant overlooked the ocean, the teachers were laughing and having fun together, the food was delicious (other than the slug), and the best part of all... It was all paid for by my old Vice Principal! Can't beat that huh?!


  1. Jill, I love your pictures! You are such a talented photographer. I love checking out your blog and looking at all your wonderful photos!

  2. Just one question: Did you chew the slug first, or swallow it whole??

  3. Rach... I chewed it! I had to! It was too big to swallow whole!