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Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Wow, you're black!"

Yes, this is what my Vice Principal said to me when I went to school to pick up some paperwork yesterday, and trust me... it was NOT a compliment!   The 1st grade teacher was sitting next to him and had a look on her face as if I had just had a botched nose job or something!   

Then, tonight I met Stella for dinner at the Kimbap restaurant down the hill, and the two ladies working there (who know me well) put one hand in front of their faces, in a circular motion, and frowned... saying something in Korean about how I don't look good with tan skin!   

I knew I wouldn't be faced with jealous Koreans, gawking at my beautifully bronzed skin (wink wink), but I definitely wasn't ready for the older one's incredibly open and honest disapproval!   That caught me by surprise, but makes for a funny story, so it's okay my me!  My motto is, if it's funny enough (and cultural) to put on my blog, then I'll be the butt of any insult!  So, enjoy, and have a couple laughs on me!


  1. Maybe I need to live there... I can't keep a tan no matter how hard I try!

  2. Well, how's the HAIR?!?!? That's far more important. I think I need a picture, please!

  3. Rach, my mom told me the same thing this morning about wanting to see my hair! I've basically had it in a ponytail for the past week! I was planning on washing it this morning and wearing it down, but I accidently locked myself out of the bathroom this morning!! Long story short, I opened it with my headphones! (Now that's resourceful). I'll post a picture soon!