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Friday, February 5, 2010

Jill's Book Club!

While I don't actually have my very own book club, or even belong to one... I do think I could easily see myself being a part of one!  I have scarily surprised myself with my new LOVE for reading!  

I remember, as a child, my mom would make me read for 10 minutes a day, with a timer set next to me.  I would watch the timer as if it were counting down the minutes until I was once again FREE and happy!  I hated every moment of reading and carried that feeling through my adult life (except for the few moments when a Nicolas Sparks book was laid in my hands)!  

Although living in Korea, and probably more so, my trip to Indonesia changed all of that for me!  When you don't have internet or a TV at your fingertips, or any Western form of entertainment for that matter, you tend to long for a good book!  In my case, I longed for 3! 

Yes, mom, I know you're surprised!  In the last MONTH, I have breezed through all 678 pages of these books!

#1 The Alchemist!  A great story of finding your life's purpose and doing everything to fulfill it!

#2 The 5 People You Meet in Heaven. (Same author as Tuesdays with Morrie... which I also read this year!)  This one was a quick and interesting read, but in the end, I probably wouldn't recommend it.

#3 Committed.  This is the sequel to EAT, PRAY, LOVE... but my gosh!  If you want to be forever scared of getting married or having kids, read this book!  It was fairly terrifying!  

Next on my list are Life of Pi and The Last Lecture.  Any recommendations for which one I should start this morning?!


  1. I am a book fanatic... I would be happy to make a list of books that you must read! :)

  2. Bri, I would love that! The more the merrier! (not too political or heavy... I seem to not be able to get into those as well.) Love ya!

  3. I'm so impressed! I have heard so much about the Life of Pi, and in fact currently have a copy that was loaned to me by a friend, but haven't gotten to it yet.