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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hoppy Gals ROCK!

My mom and sister are so awesome! They both sent me packages that arrived on the same day - TODAY!! I received a call from my Vice Principal who told me I had boxes waiting for me in his office. When I went to pick them up, he said, "I envy you! You are always getting presents!" I honestly couldn't think of anything other to say than "You should be! I'm very lucky!" hahahaha! It just came out!

I merrily walked them back up to my classroom, smiling at everyone who saw me walking by with 2 packages in my arms, and set them on my desk to look at for a little while! I love the process of receiving packages.... and I think part of the fun is knowing that someone went to all the effort to pick out what's in the box, find a box to put it in, tape it up, address it, and wait in the dreaded Holiday Season line at the post office... so I like to just look at it for a while!

Then, when the time was right, I decided it was time to open them! My English club kids were sooo excited about my packages and politely asked "Teacher, can I help you?" So, I decided to let them try to figure out how to get the mounds of tape off of the box my sister sent! They tried sooo hard to get it open, that I decided I'd document their efforts!

Minute # 1

Minute # 2

Minute # 3

Minute # 4
Casey got smart and yelled 가위 "Gawi" (scissors!) I was wondering when someone was gonna think of those handy little things!

And wala... the box was opened! There were presents wrapped up with nice red wrapping paper that I'll have to set under my Christmas tree until Dec 25th, but Amy (my sister) was awesome enough to buy and send me ALL of these GOSSIP MAGAZINES! (They are my guilty pleasure, and I've been away from them for sooooo long!)

My face looked about as excited as Andrea's did when she pulled them out of the box!

I know what I'll be reading tonight!!!

*** Oh, and for all you inquisitive people out there, who are wondering what my mom's box was. It was a curling iron! I asked for one for Christmas, and the one she sent me last week didn't have dual voltage, so it probably would have burned my apartment down! haha! She was very adamant in emails NOT TO USE THE CURLING IRON she sent!!! She was very sweet to send me a new, and much more safe, one! :)

I love my Hoppy girls!

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  1. So glad it arrived before Christmas!!! What a fun blog!