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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dr Fish Cafe!

Last night, I went to Dr. Fish Cafe with my friend's Brian and Aaron! They had both been before, but this was my virgin journey to the much anticipated cafe!

When we arrived, I was shocked at the extravagance of the place. It was on the 3rd floor of a high rise building in the heart of Seomyeon. It boasted floor to ceiling windows which looked out onto the busy city streets below! We all walked over to the counter to order our drinks. I ordered a white hot chocolate... My first of the kind, and was given more whip cream than hot chocolate, I think, which I scooped off and gave to Aaron, who has the metabolism of a 10 year old boy!!

The guys both ordered hot tea, which was surprisingly tasty (I'm not much of a tea lover, but I tried it anyway!)

One of my favorite things about this place though, (other than the fish) was the fact that they offer waffles, bread, popcorn, and other pastries as a "service" which means they're FREE! They also had a finger nail painting bar where you could paint your nails, and a huge wall of books that you could read while you sipped on your prefered drink!

Although all of those things are wonderful and ENOUGH to bring me back to Dr. Fish Cafe again and again... the real reason why I went was for the famous dead skin eating fish pools! While I'd love to say I was brave... I REALLY wasn't! I stuck my finger in the water for the first 20 minutes, trying to get used to the feeling of hundreds of fish sucking on it!

After about a 1/2 our of being squirmy mcgee, I finally stuck my feet in and let the fish eat at my dead skin!
This was my reaction!
Aaron was much more brave than I was. He didn't care one bit about the feeling of the fish eating at his feet! OBVIOUSLY!
Only in Korea can you order a hot chocolate and stick your feet in a pool of hundreds of fish while they eat your dead skin for the equivalent of $5!!

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  1. I'm proud of you for being a trooper Jillers! Those little fish sure were scary***