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Monday, November 30, 2009

It pays to be loyal

I am a big believer in shopping at mom and pop stores... especially ones around your home.  In Korea, I have chosen 1 grocery store, 1 corner market, 1 dry cleaner, 1 pharmacist, and 1 kimbap place to frequent as often as possible in order to get to know my neighbors and contribute to their business!  

Since I'm living here alone, it's been important for me to get to know my neighbors, and the merchants in my area.  Being able to wave to all these people in the morning on my way to work, or at night on my treck home, has made me feel part of this community!!

Tonight, I did some grocery shopping and was stopped at the door, by the clerk, who motioned for me to drop my bags.  I was confused by the gesture, but followed her directions anyway.  She asked me where I lived (in Korean) and I told her.  She explained (mostly with hand motions) that she would take my groceries to my apartment on her auto bike so I didn't have to carry them up my hill!  

Sure enough... a couple minutes after I arrived home, I had a knock on my door!  Can you believe they delivered my groceries for me?!  It pays to be a loyal customer... in more ways than one!!  

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