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Monday, November 9, 2009

My favorite morning boys!

Every morning, on my walk to the bus stop, I see these guys (volunteer traffic helpers) sitting on this ledge, waiting for 8:45am to roll around so they can begin their traffic helping!

One day, I decided I would say hello to them in Korean. They warmed up to me really quickly and began saying things like "good morning" and "hello" to me in English. They always have a huge smile on their face and seem really excited to greet me in the morning!

Yesterday, I had to go to the bank before work, so I was late getting to the bus stop. When I walked by them, they were each at their assigned location, helping with traffic and pointed to their watches, motioning... 'you're late' and asked "Genchunayo" (are you okay?) It was pretty adorable!

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