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Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Apartment Makeover

On Friday afternoon, I was sitting at my desk at work and immediately became inspired to give my apartment a splash of girliness! It was just a bonus that Jess happened to be coming over to spend the night and she loves being crafty! Before we met for dinner Friday night, I stopped by Gukje Market and sifted through fabrics, purchased pillows, canvases, baskets, cofee mugs, towels, candles, etc... You should have seen all my bags!

We spent about 24 hours talking, laughing, sewing, gluing, cutting, taping, stuffing and eating together! We both love Christmas, and since it was a wintery night, we listened to Christmas music while we crafted! It was pretty great!

Here's the final product!

These are the fabric covered canvases that Jess made for me! (My entryway)

My new shelf # 1

I made all of these, by hand.... one stitch at a time! :)

My kitchen and family room...

Bookshelf # 2

My new and imnproved cozy bed! It's my little piece of heaven!
Total makeover price. Drumroll please...

51,000 won


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