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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rock, Scissor, Paper...

Rock, Scissor, Paper (or in Korean, "gawi, bawi, bo") is the most common way to solve a dispute in Korea. I have been at restaurants where tables full of adults play the game to see who will pay for the meal. My students play it to break a tie when we play games in class and I've seen my co-workers do it at teacher dinners to see who has to take the next shot of soju.

Today, however, I saw my kids playing a whole new style of Rock, Scissor, Paper. 2 girls were playing the game together. The loser had to do a semi-split. They played it again, and again, and each time a person lost, they had to go further down into the splits! The person who ended up doing a full split was the loser! It looked painful... especially when the boys started joining in!

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