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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Korean Pupps... All Dressed Up!

If you live in Korea and you own a small dog, chances are, your small dog has it's own personal wardrobe!! Don't believe me.... just look! FYI: The pictures below are pictures I personally took of dogs on the street with their owners. These are my neighbors...

"Does this green shirt make my muscles look bigger?"

"Isn't my sundress soooo cute?! I got it on sale last weekend!"

"Do I look like the bunny on my sweatshirt?  I think so!"

"It's real Burberry!  My mom doesn't hold back when it comes to my wardrobe!"

"How cute are my new shoes?!"

"I'm a poodle... We are bread to walk around looking prissy and wearing cute pink outfits! Why are you so surprised?!"

"I'm a straight A student... I follow the rules... and I always wake up early to iron my dresses!"

"Yea, I'm wearing a raincoat!"

"I was hoping this cute outfit would takes people's focus off of the nasty brown circles under my eyes! What do you think? Did it work?"

"Don't be jealous of my 9.25 silver Tiffany necklace and flower barrette! I'm a DIVA."

"I'm not walking... are you kidding me?! I'm not a dog... I'm a princess!"

"I went to the salon this weekend... What do you think?"

"I didn't think the dogs should have ALL the fun... So I convinced my mom to let me dye my tail! I think I look hot!"

I was able to get these dogs pictures by saying, "Aaahhhh geeyupta" (oooh, cute!) Their owners love, love, love that, and always stop to make sure I get a good picture of their little prized possessions pupps!

This is one of the greatest videos ever... (Thanks to Aaron for taking it!)
**** I LOVE MY MOM! This was what she wrote me after she read this blog "Isn't it funny how some Koreans revere their dogs and others eat them?!" Touche, touche mom!

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