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Monday, October 26, 2009

My Little Babies!

I love, love, love teaching my kindergarten class!

Everyday, when I walk in, this is what I see! They are always sitting on this bench, and they always turn around, smile, wave, scream "wwaaaaa!! (The Korean version of: yea!!)" and say "Hi teacher!" (I taught them that!)

Today we worked on our ABC's! I'm amazed everytime I teach that class how my creative juices flow! I remember before I came here, being scared to death that I would end up teaching little kids, because I had no idea what to do with them! Now, I'm a natural and wouldn't want it any other way! I have no idea, sometimes, how I ever taught High Schoolers!!

They loved this game that I made up on the spot! (The lady, 2nd from the right, is Rina... She's my teacher's aid in that class! I absolutely adore her.)

We started learning to write the alphabet this week! I knew kids would rather write on white boards than paper, so I bought these nifty little boards! They were a big hit! Notice some of them are already starting to write in bubble letters! I'm just that good of a writing teacher (insert sarcasm)!!

Then we did some coloring! They didn't know it, but they were learning English while they colored!

How great are the colors I chose for them to color Pooh?! They had to wait for me to tell them what color each number would be... I did that so they wouldn't cheat and color things before I told them what to do! (I made this by the way! I found Pooh online and used the paint program to insert the numbers... My kindergarten teacher used to do this same thing and I loved it.)

My little munchkins! (5 of them were absent today because of a cold...)

Tah dah!

This is how we say goodbye every Tuesday! We put our hands in the shape of a heart on our heads and say "Bye bye, I love you!"

... and then give each other a nice big squeeze!

You wonder why I'm in Korea... This is just one of the hundreds of reasons!

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