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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Night in Jagalchi

Last night, I spent the night walking around Jagalchi Fish Market, which might just be my favorite place in all of Pusan... not because of the aroma of fish that fills every breath of air (obviously), but rather because of the following things:

The streets are filled with fresh fish, of all kinds, for blocks and blocks and blocks...

You can have fresh shellfish anytime of the day... (This was delicious by the way!)

The view of the harbor at night is stunning... 

(Sorry it's blurry... I'm still figuring out night shots, and really need to get a tripod!)

and there are cool streets like this to walk down! :)

I am thankful, everyday, that I live in such an awesome place and that I'm experiencing NEW THINGS everyday of my life here... :)

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