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Monday, August 31, 2009

Grand Children's Park

Yesterday, I ventured over to Pusan Grand Children's Park to check out the zoo!  Unfortunately, the zoo part of the park was closed for remodeling... would have been nice to know, but I couldn't read the website!  Another reason why I want to learn more Korean.

The ferris wheel and roller coaster at the amusement park were closed too... :(

So, since there was a lake with huge coi fish, I decided to buy some fish food/ people snacks at a little convenient store in the park.  When I paid the woman, she laid my money in this basket in front of her store, on the sidewalk basically.  This goes to show how trusting Koreans are, and how often people DONT steal stuff here!  Why put money in a drawer, just lay it in a basket for anyone to take!

Even though the zoo was being remodeled and the amusement park was closed, it ended up being a great day at the park!  There were beautiful walking trails, badminton courts with old people playing, no tourists, and a big lake with gigantic coi fish and ducks to feed snacks to!  They loved these!

Once in a while, I fed myself too! :)

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