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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lunch Time at Gamjung!

Lunchtime in Korean schools is MUCH different than in the US, and lunchtime at Gamjung Chodun Hakyo (my school), it's even MORE different! First of all, students don't bring their lunches to school in Korea! They are served actual meals, with rice, some sort of meat, a soup, and some vegetables. Most schools have their own cafeteria, but my little itty bitty school doesn't... so the food is shipped from my friend Aaron's school (a couple miles away) in large rolling carts. Here's how the process goes:

4 moms volunteer to come everyday to put the carts of food on the elevator and roll them down to the ends of the hallways on each floor.

Then, when the bell rings, the class leaders find their cart and roll it to their classroom.

Once the cart is in the classroom, the class leaders cut the rice into squares, pull all of the canisters of food out, and of course - put their aprons on! :)

Then it's time to serve! TEACHERS ALWAYS GO FIRST!! This is Josh, (4th grade teacher).

Then it's the kids turn! They were very excited today because they were getting fried food!

This is the 5th grade class down the hallway. They don't wear aprons, they were bandanas!  It's important for them to be fashionable at all times around here!

... and these are my sweet little kindergartners!   Once the student's food is served, they eat lunch in their classrooms at their desks.

After they are finished eating, they have to put all of their uneaten (sp?) food into a recycling bowl, stack their trays, wash their chopsticks, and brush their teeth! We've got them trained around here!

As much as I love these kids, I am VERY thankul that I am not a "homeroom teacher." I actually get to eat downstairs with the adults!!! :)

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