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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dinner with the Girls!

Last night I met Jess, Sowon and her sister Soyon in Nampodong for dinner! It's always nice to have girl nights!

After I got off the bus from work, I walked through the market to get to where they were and snapped a couple pictures of what I get to see, living here. This market is famous in korea and is only 2 stops from my school, and about 5 from my house, so I come here often!

Jess and I spent some time catching up at Smoothie King before we met Sowon at PIFF Square (Where the annual film festival is held in Pusan.)

Sowon and I at dinner. She took us to the most famous traditional korean restaurant in Nampodong. As you probably have already seen from all my blogs about eating out, they serve TONS of side dishes. There was one that looked like baked fish, so I tried it. It was delicious. I later found out it was an eel! Hey, there's a first time for everything!

Soyon and Jess

Jess is always the last one to finish eating when we all go out because she takes 5 minutes to create 1 bite of food and only eats vegetables and lettuce! We love you Jess!

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