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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mr Pizza!

Last night my friend Aaron come over to keep me company, since I haven't been able to move around much and have been stuck in the apartment.  We both decided we wanted to get some pizza, and thought it would be fun to have it delivered.  Mind you, this was my first attempt at having anything delivered to my apt.  This was such a hilarious experience.  

The people from Mr Pizza had no idea what I was saying when I was trying to order it over the phone.  I was passed to 3 different people; none of which spoke better english than the previous one...  and the delivery kid called me 3 times!!  I tried to speak as much Korean as I could and he spoke as much English as he could until he finally found my place!  We both smiled with relief when I opened my door.  It was as if we both realized that we had just accomplished a feat of great proportions!  :) 

The pizza wasn't even close to what I tried to order, but I figured that would be the case!  If they can't speak English, and I can't speak Korean, I kinda knew I was gonna get something random!  We were just happy that it came and was delicious!  

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