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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

Last night, Kev and I went to a Lotte Giants baseball game with Jess, Carlos, Kristin, and 2 teachers from Carlos's school who helped us get tickets for 5,000 won - the equivalent of about $3.75.  We were in the 10th row!

First, we stopped for some pizza at Pizaa Hut!  mmmm....

As we were walking to the stadium, we saw this little kiddo holding onto his mom's bag! I thought of all those parents who use the leashes with their kids... Maybe try telling them they have to hold your bag or they'll get time out!   It seemed to work with this kiddo!

Carlos's teacher friends brought this food into the stadium to eat as a snack - pig intenstine and stomach!  uuuugggg

The girls behind us helped us make these pom poms out of newspaper!  Everyone in the stadium made one to cheer with!  Koreans are so darn resourceful... and shy - These girls covered their faces because they didn't think they were pretty...  In my opinion, they were all gorgeous!

During the 7th inning, the stadium workers passes around these orange plastic bags that people filled with air and tied to their heads.   

Carlos's co worker made his into a big bow!

The stadium.  We were in the 10th row, behind 3rd base.

I found this little munchkin, who was all decked out in his Giants gear!

The gang! :)

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