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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Korean Field Day!

In Korea, every elementary school has a full day where students compete in individual games, perform dances and taikwondo routines, as well as compete in team games! The kids have been practicing really hard in anticipation for this day!

Before they compete, they all stretch together (1st graders - 6th graders)! They do a routine, set to music, that has been done for over 60 years, all over Korea! Some of the moms were stretching along on the sidelines!

The teachers stand in the front of their classes line and lead the stretches! Their English names, from left to right are: Crystal, Chloe, Susan, Lee, Lisa, (He doesn't have one) , Ella, Josh, Barbara, and Laura. (All great, great, great people!) I'm blessed to be at Gamjung School!

2 of the 2nd grade girls waiting to start their relay!

This poor girl could not figure out how to put her jersey on! She literally tried 3 times before she finally got it.

This was one of the games for the 2nd graders. They had to run around some cones and then eat a piece of candy, and put the wrapper in their pocket! This is MY kind of game! :)

This sweet little girl is one of my favorite kids at the whole school. She's in my kindergarten class, and is sooo smart, and so sweet! She always hugs me and says, "I love you teacher."

Some of my 6th grade boys running the relay!

Some of my 5th grade boys exhausted after their relay: (left to right) ______, Jacob, John, and _______.

These are some of my 5th grader girls: (Top left) Lauren, ______ , Kristy, Amy (Bottom left) ____, Melissa, Kristin, Skylar, _______.

This is another one of my kindergartners. Her mom is one of the teachers at my school.

These are some of my darling 3rd graders: Molly, Jenny, and ____.

This is another one of my kindergartners. They're so darn cute, I couldn't stop taking their pictures. :)

This was one of the games for the 2nd graders! They had to run about 50 feet and then sit on these balloons until they popped! This is a tame picture... Some of the boys were jumping 2 feet in the air and landing on their butts to try to pop these balloons!

Yes, he is holding a pom pom!

One of the 6th graders games was to walk across this beam with a hulahoop!

The 1st and 2nd graders did the most adorable dance. It's a traditional Korean dance about an old bride and a young groom. The groom doesn't want to get married, because his fiance is old! haha

More pictures of the dance...

More pictures of the dance!
Part of the 4th graders relay was to do a summersault on this mat. It's AMAZING that no one got hurt!
This is my kindergarten class! What a bunch of little cuties huh?!

The last competition of the day, is a good old game of tug of war. The kid in the front of this picture is Garrett. He is one of my absolute favorite 6th grade students!

My 6th grade girls, waiting to hear their score from the judges
All in all, it was a great day! If there's one thing I would bring back to America with me, it would be field day!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love your kindergartners!! They are adorable. Love it.