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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Jess, Kristin and I always enjoy hanging out, all together, with our guys, but sometimes we just need a ladies only day! Today, we did just that! On my way to meet the girls, I came across these women in their late 60's who were carrying tubs of bricks - literally- on their heads up 5 flights of stairs at my subway! I was blown aways and had to take a picture! We all say that the old women in Korea have magical strength!

We met So Won and Shilla (some of our Korean friends) in Seomyeon for some Shabu Shabu - meat and vegetables that you dip in boiling water at your table.

Here's a picture of Jess with the gigantic plate of vegetables that they brought us!

After lunch, we endulged in some strawberry ice cream that tasted like cold strawberry whipped cream - mmm...

We intended on getting pedicures, but every place we went to was already busy, and since it was pouring rain, we decided we would duck into the underground subway shops and do some shopping. During our shopping extravaganza I found these "TOME" shoes. For those of you who know TOMS shoes, I'm sure you're laughing right now! Kev and I sold TOMS in our boutique in PHX... I have to hand it to the people who made these - they are identical!

So Won and Shilla had other plans, so after they left, Kristin Jess and I walked to a local DVD Bang (a private mini movie theatre with a leather couch-bed) and watched "He's Just Not That Into You." It was the perfect thing to do on a rainy day!

Since so many of you love seeing the Engrish shirts and signs, this next section is for your viewing pleasure! :)

This girl's shirt said "DAVID BECKHA"

This sign says that "SARTBUCKS COFFEE" is to the right.

This is a sign for Busan Women's University, but if I didn't know any better I would have thought it was an add for a preschool.

It's always important to take the "HAPPY SUBWAY"

On my subway ride home tonight, I was looking through my phone and found a section called emoticons... they are pre-made pictures that you can send to your friends. I thought these 2 were worth posting. :)

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  1. Jilly!! I love you blog! I can't believe I am just discovering it now! You look like you are having the most incredible time out there, and I am so excited for you! I got to visit Busan a few times and always adored my time there! I used to go to this little cafe and have fruit tea with large chunks of fresh cut fruit floating in the pot! I love your emoticon of the farting man the most! Take Care!