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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dinner, Drinks, and crazy dogs!

Last night, Carlos, Jess, Kevin and I were invited to a Korean home for dinner! 

The husband is a PE teacher at Carlos's ALL BOYS middle school and is an ex-professional basketball player in Korea!  -- He's on the far right in the picture above. Carlos calls him "Mr. Kim," but at the end of the night, he and his wife asked us to call them "Omma," which means mom, and "Oppa" which means dad.  We felt very honored!  They took all 4 of us under their wings as if we were their own children and told us we could come to their home whenever we wanted.

Omma and her best friend, who spoke NO english - but was always smiling, cooked some really great food for us - American style!  They made a salad, nachos, steak and potatos, california rolls, and some sausages.  We all had 2nd's!   When we told them we were so excited to eat American food again, Omma said, "I know!  That's why I cooked these things!  I am very happy you came to eat at my home."  A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

During dinner, I told a story about my 5th grade girls teaching me the dance to a pop song called "Sorry, Sorry" by Juper Junior; a very popular Korean boy band.  They all egged me to perform it, so since I didn't want to dissapoint our hosts, wink - wink, I stood up and showed off my dance moves!  They loved it so much the girls asked me to teach them too.  This is a picture of us all performing for the boys!  :)

This is the actual music video:

After dinner and some drinks, the sun was beginning to go down and Omma and Oppa were worried about their dogs being in the backyard in the dark.  We said, "Oh please bring them in..."  Before Omma opened the back door, she warned us that their dogs were really spoiled, and that they might jump up on us, but we said, "No, it's okay!  We are all used to big dogs!"  But I don't think we expected this...  Hachi, their gigantic husky, jumped right onto my back!  I was laughing histerically!

We spent the rest of the night listening to Omma's favorite music, which included: Christina Aguilera's greatest hits, Celine Dion, and Michael Bolton.   At one point, we all spontaneously got up and danced together in the kitchen!  This is a pic of Kevin dancing with Omma's best friend, who didn't speak a lick of English!  She was sooo shy and embarrassed, but loved it, of course!!

It was such an awesome night!  We felt so blessed to have been able to experience having dinner and drinks with such welcoming and kind Koreans and their "doggies!" It made us remember, once again, why we chose to live here...   Here are some more random pictures of us with the doggies!  Shasha (black) and Hachi (brown).  They loved us!

Kevin fed him a piece of fruit - and yes, Omma told him he could.  Infact, she actually handed us the fruit and said that Hachi would eat it from our mouths!  Like I said, these dogs are SPOILED!

I decided I would try too! 

This is sweet little Shasha - 1 year old.

Kevin and Hachi played liked this all night!

I had to save the best pictures for last!  They taught Hachi how to do piggy back rides!  

I had to try it - of course!  

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