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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Jim Jil Bang almost killed me!

Friday night, Kevin and I went to a whole in the wall, and somewhat ghetto Jim Jil Bang by our house (Korean style public bath house). While I was there, I got into a spa that no one else was in. I was so excited to have it to myself! When I stepped into it, it felt like there were teeny tiny jets of water spraying from all different directions, and I thought... "Wow, this is awesome!" I sat down on the bench in the spa and put my hands under the water to find where the jets were, and I immediately realized, they were not jets, I WAS BEING SHOCKED!!!! It completely freaked me out, so I jumped out. I told Kevin about it and he said the same thing happened to him in a spa on the guys floor! We couldn't believe it! But, since it happened to both of us, we figured it was some sort of Asian relaxation technique and didn't think much more about it.

BUT, during lunch today, I was telling the teachers about my experience and they were SHOCKED (no pun intended!) They couldn't believe that I was being electrically shocked under the water and said they had NEVER HEARD OF THAT HAPPENING TO SOMEONE! They said, "Alexis, Never go back there. It sounds like that place is very dangerous!" Which, trust me - I will NEVER go back there!

Could you imagine if I died from being electrically shocked in a spa at a Jim Jil Bang?! What a lame way to go!


  1. So wait, if Jil means vagina, then is it Jim's Vagina Bang? Sounds like a place you may want to avoid from the get-go. ;-) Dying over the shock treatment, though!

  2. haha! SERIOUSLY huh?! I've asked if the Jil in "Jim Jil Bang" means vagina, but they say it doesn't. I think they're just too embarrassed to admit it when I ask them. Koreans are very conservative! I will definitely be avoiding this Jim Jil Bang, that's for sure!