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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gwangalli Beach!

Yesterday, Kev and I went to Gwangalli Beach with Jess and Carlos! They live about 5 minutes from this beach! As much as we love our area, we are jealous everytime we visit them! (It takes us 30 minutes to get here from our place, by bus.) Next to the beach, there is a street lined with cherry blossom trees that we walked along! It was stunning! Here are some pictures from our day:

Carlos, Jess, Kev, and I at Gwangalli beach, with the skyline behind us.

I absolutely love this picture!!!

Carlos and Jess

The street lined with gorgeous pink and white Cherry Blossom trees!

This little boy was throwing the cherry blossom petals in the air... He was adorable!

Jess and I, walking together...

After we were finished at the beach, Kevin and I wwalked to Mega Mart, which is equivalent to Target, I guess. We wanted to pick up a couple things for our apartment. Unfortunately, we live 30 minutes from the Mega Mart, so we had to walk a ways with the furniture and rug on our backs and then board a busy bus! It's was the first time I kind of wanted my car back! At the same time, we laughed a lot and got some good exercise. This is a picture of Carlos carrying our table to the bus stop, and me holding our new rug like a backpack! :)


  1. How on earth do you walk so much in those shoes?!

  2. hahaha! Lots of practice, I guess! I've been wearing heels since high school! One day my knees are gonna pay for it!