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Sunday, March 22, 2009

North Pacific Ocean!

I've been lucky to see the ocean almost everyday, but I have yet to actually go down to the beach! Last night, Colin, Kristin, Kevin and I went shopping and then took a taxi to the Kwangan Beach, near Kristin's apartment. We went to a darling little coffee shop called PappaRoti, which apparently was named after Pavarotti, but the spelling is a little off! haha We sat at the coffee shop, which is practically on the sand, and watched the sun set! It was magical!

Papparoti makes the most amazing molasis rolls and hot chocolate!

This picture is really blury, but you get the point! This beach is gorgeous and has high rise buildings lining the sand! (Me, Colin, and Kristin)

The Kwangsan beach has a huge bridge that runs East - West and is massive and beautiful! It's lined with LCD lights that change colors throughout the night. (I stole this picture because our zoom lens was on and we couldn't get a pic of the whole bridge.)

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