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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lost in Translation... This time it's in PRINT though!

I took these pictures yesterday while Kev and I were out and about shopping in Busan. They were sooo funny that I had to celebrate their existence with a photo!

"Be The When People Need You"   Hmmm, be the what?!

"Coca-Coco, Coca Coca Co," and what the heck is "Move office?"

I couldn't resist... I actually bought this one because it was soooo bad!

Kev and I looked at this shirt for a long time and can not figure out what the heck they were trying to say. Anyone??

All I can say is, WOW! This one takes the cake for sure!


  1. Jill, we laughed our heads off reading the t-shirts! Especially the coca cola one. Dad

  2. i love it!! keep these up..they are amazing!! we miss you guys..i left a comment on kevs blog, but ill tell you too (because you update yours much better) ;-) thanks to your inspiration, miah and i are moving to prague to teach english..we fly out on july 29th..when you two travel after you are done you should come visit us!!

  3. Shelly! Kev told me about you guys moving to Prague last night! We are both sooooo excited for you guys! You are going to LOVE it! He said that for some reason his work computer won't let him make comments on google blogs or see other people's comments, so he wanted me to write you. Do you know what school you'll be working for? I want to know details! Congrats! - Jill

  4. yeah..we are taking a 4 week class to get our certificate at the Caledonian Language School and when you pass they guarantee that they will hire you so at least for the first year we will work for them

  5. That's so amazing! Kev said Prague was your favorite place in Europe! How awesome that you'll get to live there! The best part about living in another country is that it always feels like you're on vacation! :) I can't wait for pictures! Jil