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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busan I-Park Soccer game!!

On Sunday, we met up with Jessica, Carlos, Rob, and Kate for the I-Park, Busan Professional soccer game! I scalped some tickets for 5,o00 won each and we had awesome seats!

The whole gang, with some Korean fans!

In Korea, there's no such thing as unhealthy snacks at the games! The vendors walk around with things like dried squid in laundry baskets!!

When we got into the stadium, we found a crowd of younger Koreans who were chanting and dancing, so of course, we headed in their direction! We found a seat in the 3rd row. :) Carlos handed out some rice cakes that Jess got from a co-worker the day before, I waved the Busan team Flag (picture below), and Kevin danced and chanted with the fans. We were officially the AWESOME foreigners!

They loved us, and we loved them! We've decided that we will be at all of their home games! Heck, for $3.50 a ticket, why not?

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  1. How fun! Jill, it looks and sounds like you are having a blast! I love hearing the updates, Korea sounds beautiful and it looks like everyday is an adventure for you!