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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TGIF... but it's Tuesday!

Last night, I met Okk and Monica (my co-teacher last year) at Lotte Department store for dinner at T.G.I.Friday's.  I hadn't seen Monica since our last dinner together, so it we had a lot to catch up on! She is definitely THE MOST feisty, outgoing, perceptive, and honest Korean I've ever met and these 4 photos sum up our relationship to a T!  We start off normal...

Then we try to be cute...

Then I try to be cute while Monica tries to convince me to be normal again!

Then she realizes I'm not going to stop, so she joins in with me!

And then I ham it up for the camera while she gives up and just laughs at me!  lol

If only I could sit still and be normal for one picture, like these two!

We had the best time catching up while sharing fried mushrooms, chicken salad and chop steak.  

I would have loved to have stayed longer than the 2 hours we spent together, but I had to rush home to take care of my feverish husband and hand off Maverick to his new mommy.  That's a whole different story which I probably wont blog about because it was so sad. I'm missing him like crazy already, but am happy he has a new mom to love and adore his cute little face!