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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The big apple and wedded bliss!

If there's any regret I have about my 4 days in NYC, it's that I didn't take more photos!  I blame it on the rain that we had the last day and the fact that I didn't wanna carry a bag around!  The first night, however, I had my camera right there with me to document a special reunion I had with 2 of my best high school girl friends, Jess and Kat, who I hadn't seen since graduation almost 14 years ago!   How cute are they?!   

Jess is now a celebrity hair and make-up artist (She's currently working for the Morning Buzz on VH-1 and does the host's make-up every morning before the sun rises!) and Kat is an off-Broadway actress and incredible beauty photographer!  They recently started their own business, "JessKat" that's pretty incredible! We met them for dinner at Yum Yum, a Thai place on 9th Ave near Times Square.

Before dinner though, Kat and Jess met Aaron and I in front of the Nederlander Theater to enter the Broadway Lottery to hopefully win tickets for The Newsies at a small fraction of the regular price!!  As luck would have it, Kat's name was called and she was able to buy 2 tickets - one for me and one for Aaron!  It was so exciting and we were so appreciative for her and Jess coming to help us win the lottery!!    

I L.O.V.E these girls!  It was as if no time had passed at all!

Just wish it didn't take us 14 years to get together again!

I can't explain in words how magical, breath taking, exhilarating, and professional this show was!  It was the 1st Broadway experience for each of us and we were completely blown away.  It was so good that it made me cry twice, just because I was so overwhelmed at how incredible the dancing, singing and acting was!  Seriously cried - tears rolling down my cheeks with a giant smile across my face!  Best $60 we've ever spent!

We stayed at my sister's place in Brooklyn while we were in NYC! It was so fun to catch up and spend some sister time with her!  She recently started a juice cleanse and had bought a coconut, hoping that Aaron and I could help her open it when we came home.  What should have been an easy slice of the top turned into quite the extravaganza, including a flat head screw driver and a hammer!  These two are lucky they didn't accidentally chop each other's fingers off!  

Hoppy sisters! :)

On Sunday, we photographed a really cool wedding in Brooklyn with Kat (my HS friend above)!  The bride (a Broadway actress and celebrity trainer - S.J.P. is one of her morning clients!!!) and husband (portrait photographer) are friends of Kat's and were so fun to work with... and their cake was mmmm mmmm delicious!   

You can check out the whole soot here our photography blog, but here's a little sneak peak of a few that I snapped after the ceremony.  These two were so in love with each other, it was permeable and lit up the entire room - and city!

I love Broadway, my sister, high school reunions and beautiful NYC weddings!  The last 4 days have been a blast!  Thanks New York!  Can't wait to be back in June for round 2!

Anyone have any recommendations for us for next time we're in NY?!


  1. My mom and I are going to NYC in July to see Annie on Broadway! Jane Lynch is playing Miss Hannigan at the moment so we are both really looking forward to it.

    Glad you had a good time in NY!

    1. Oh my gosh! Jane Lynch is MADE FOR THAT ROLE! You'll have to tell me how it is! Annie is one of my favorite childhood movies!

  2. Next time, take me with you!!!! So glad to be reading about you reconnecting with friends as you make your way across the good ol' US of A. Miss you guys! xxx

  3. Yay!! Best weekend EVER!! So much fun with you guys, and I simply CANNOT WAIT to have you back!

  4. Your reactions to Newsies is EXACTLY my reaction to Wicked. I cried... because of the amazing talent that was in front of me. It is truly a special experience!