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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'm not gonna lie, the thing I was most excited about seeing in Pittsburgh, PA was the Abby Lee Dance Studio featured on one of my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows: Dance Moms!  Aaron has sat and watched it with me (more than once - or twice - please don't kill me for saying that!) so while he made fun of me for going here I think he secretly wanted to see it too! haha  

Pittsburgh was another big shock to me!  I always thought it was small, boring, dirty, and nowhere I'd ever wanna visit, but I was pleasantly surprised!  It's a really cool city!

We bought tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates vs the Chicago Cubs game on stubhub for $10 each, and had fantastic seats in section 108 row M, right near the field.  I actually walked up to the top of the stadium to snap this photo, which may have been an even cooler view than where we were sitting.  Depends what you wanna look at I guess!

The old man checking tickets up there literally grabbed my camera and motioned for me to go down to the railing for a photo.  I think my years in Korea have worn off on me because I just kind of did what he said.  You never say no to your elder in Asia!  He snapped about 5 photos and kept saying, "Okay now wave!  Now make a funny face! Now smile and look at me! etc"  I'll leave you with this one to tell the story with... lol

We stayed till the very end of the game, which was a bit of a nail biter (but the Pirates won!), and got to see Jose Contreras, apparently one of "the greats", during his pitching practice. 

It rained a little during the game, but that was part of the fun of it, and the other fun part was our walk back to the car, over this awesome bridge, into town.  Isn't Pittsburgh beautiful at night time?

We stayed in a great little hotel in town and got a great night of sleep before heading East to Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Amish country!