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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

We LOVE Jackson Hole, Wyoming and everyone that we’ve met who lives here seem to love it too!  Have you ever been somewhere in America where EVERYONE is in a good mood, helpful, accommodating and just plain happy?!  Well, if not, come here and see for yourself!  It’s contagious and I love it!

Our original plan was to camp while we were here in the Grand Tetons, but the next 3 days showed rain and snow for the forecast, so we checked into this hotel, right smack dab in the middle of downtown! J
In the morning, we jumped in the car and headed 12 miles into “the park” (Grand Teton National Park) to see the century old homes and barns on Mormon Row, a settlement where a dozen or so Mormon families came to farm and live in the early 1900's. This is the John Moulton Homestead. 

Usually there are hordes of tourists here, but we had the place to ourselves, which was a fun treat!  The perks of coming in the off season, I guess!
I've had people say they can't imagine me roughing it for a month, camping and not wearing any makeup or heels... well, here you go, friends!  PROOF!

After leaving Mormon Row, we drove over to Gros Vente (pronounced Grow Vant) road to check out the wildlife, which technically is ALL over the park, but we gave this road a try first!  Good thing we did, because we spotted a moose!!!

We made a giant loop around the park today and stopped in at Jackson Lake for a chance to get out and stretch our legs and see the lake!  When this isn’t frozen over, it’s great for fishing, boating, and kayaking!  At this time of year it’s just good for looking at!  Lol

...Well, and for having snowball fights! 

Before heading back to town for dinner, we stopped in at Jenny Lake to see what was going on!  Just like Jackson lake, parts of it were FROZEN too which I happen to think is stunning!  I’m a little obsessed with “reflection photos” now!  You’ll see a few more in this post!

My friend Adam has a family cabin in Jackson Hole and my aunt Debby worked as an activities director for a season here, and both recommended that we check out Cowboy Bar downtown!

 We were huge fans!  The inside is rustic and cool and the food was fantastic!  They have a special for a burger and beer between 5:00 and 7:30pm for $6.50!  Aaron was especially excited about the deal cuz he got my beer!  Haha. Boys!


The days here are VERY LONG!  The sun doesn’t seem to ever go away, which is kinda nice when you wanna see a bunch of stuff… like this antler arch at 9:00pm in Jackson Square! Oh and yes, it’s frigidly cold here!

In case your wondering where all the antlers came from… pretty interesting if you ask me!

The next day we decided would be a fishing day!  Luckily the rain wasn’t forecasted to appear until late afternoon, so we bought a fishing license for $14 and headed out to the Snake River!

I knew I brought my  Hunter rain boots for a reason! J

Sadly we didn’t catch ANYTHING, but it’s all good!  We spotted 3 animal tracks near the river though, which was just as exciting to me!
2) coyote/wolf?
 3) BEAR!!!

My aunt Debby told us a road to take where we would probably see a bear… Sadly, we didn’t see any, and it wasn’t because we were driving too fast – we were cruising at about 25 in a 45mph area! Haha. We did see a buffalo though!

After a full day of fishing, we headed back into town for dinner at Betty Rock, another charming and delicious spot recommended by Adam!  The next day was spent hiking up to Taggart Lake! 

I obviously wasn’t aware of all the snow we would encounter when I opted for my adidas capris! Good news is the sun was out in full, so I didn’t catch frostbite on my calves!

We made it to the lake without running into any bears, which I consider to be a stroke of luck!

We had lunch here on this rock and took in the scenery for an hour or so! 

Then we did boy stuff like throwing rocks into the ice!

Then made our way back through the snow…

Back to the main trail, where we passed a ranch with this awesome long haired horse, which looks to me more like a lion than a horse!

We made it back to the hotel right in time for dinner, which we decided we would cook, out in the hotel courtyard… Call us ghetto, but we had just bought a ton of fresh veggies and some tofu dogs in SLC and didn’t want them all to go to waste!  We had a nice laugh about how ridiculous we probably looked!

For the record, I’m a little obsessed with organizing and love the little packets of spices I put together before we left Korea!  No need to bring the ENTIRE bottle when you’re living out of a car for 2 months and space is extremely limited!

After dinner we decided to go over to the Snake River to check out the sunset.  We were hoping to not have to hike through the wilderness to get there, but such is life - and off season!

As it turned out, it was one of the more beautiful adventures we've had thus far on the trip!  There was even a group of deer to the left, walking along side us towards the river.

Earlier this week, Aaron had told me about how he would throw Buffalo "dong" like frisbees when he was little!  I made him prove it!

We walked through the forest for a good mile or so before we reached this AMAZING spot to watch the sunset over the Teton Mountain range, along the river!  I was in awe the whole time!  

I'm pretty sure this is one of the most amazing spots I've ever seen the sun set!  We literally watched it until the sun was completely gone and had to walk back to the car in the dark - and YES, it was SCARY, but worth it!!!

We knew that tonight would be our last night in Jackson, so we stopped in the town square to walk around downtown one last time before bidding farewell!

People rave about the shopping in Jackson Hole, but unless you're looking for a touristy shirt or cowboy gear, it's really better for window shopping, which is fine with me!

We're pretty bummed about having to say goodbye to Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons, but tomorrow we're heading 200 miles north to go camping in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming & Montana... and hopefully we'll spot a bear!  A girl can hope, right?! 


  1. I'm in love with these photos! Such a great post!

  2. Thanks Meagan! I didn't realize you were still blogging! Your hong kong Disney post was awesome! :) ill be your newest follower now!

  3. Wow! This are SO awesome! I really want to visit this place. Actually, I feel terrible for not seeing more of the US, but traveling all over the world. There is SUCH beauty in the west. I always knew it to be so, but after following your trip, it makes it even more real.

    LOVE your little spice packets. Are the labels made out of bandaids? :)

    You're too cute.

  4. Meg! I felt the same way about traveling through the US! I had no idea just how beautiful it is! Don't feel bad about traveling Asia! You'd regret it later if you hadn't! The spice packet bags and brown labels are from DAISO! :)

  5. I knew you would love it there. it's so true that this country has so many beautiful things to see. the landscape in the west alone is stunning! so excited for you guys and love that we get to hear all about your great American road trip. we will follow your footsteps someday!

    1. Jess, If only you were following our footsteps WITH US!!! :)

  6. This is my favorite post!!!! Those photos are INCREDIBLE!!! I'm sooooo impressed. And it looks so magical!
    Also, I actually said out loud in my room "EEWWWWWWW!" when I saw the photo of Aaron holding the poop frisbee! So gross. lol.

    1. Thanks Kat! It's not hard to take a great photo in a place like that! :) Boys are DIRTY, and Aaron is no exception! lol