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Friday, May 3, 2013

Arches National Park

We woke up with the sun (welcome to camping!), packed the 4runner and jumped on the HWY towards Arches National Park!  To be honest, I think both of us were a little sick of camping and sleeping in cold tents and warming up with campfires and then SMELLING like campfires ALL DAY LONG, so we were hoping to find a cheap motel in Moab, Utah!  Sadly, even the Motel 6 is $90 a night and we couldn't stay there anyway because it was fully booked!  :(  So, we drove around to all the different campgrounds and only found 1 available site... ONE, but it was right on the river!  And, well, it was only kind of available.  There was a handwritten sign on the front post that said, "We'll share the site!"  Which, actually sounded like a nice idea... but we nixed it and decided to try and see all we could of Arches in one day, then drive over to Canyonlands National Park (about 35 miles East) and stay there for the night. 

So, we spent a couple hours in a cafe in downtown Moab, drinking coffee and catching up on e-mails!
Then, around 4:00pm, we grabbed our cameras and took a little hike to see all the arches!

We hiked over to Balanced RockNorth Window, South Window, and Turret Arch, all of which were equally incredible!

After the sun went down, we made the trek over to Canyonlands National Park and spent the night, sleeping sitting up, in the front seats of the car (EEEkkkk!), and woke up at 5:30am to catch the sunrise at one of the most beautiful spots in Canyonlands. Sorry, there aren't any photos of that because I continued to sleep in the car while Aaron went out to watch the sunrise! :)

Next stop is Salt Lake City, where we've booked 2 nights at a bed and breakfast in a restored 1903 home in a beautiful downtown neighborhood called The Avenues!  We can't wait to have a REAL BED, a warm home, people to talk to (camping can get lonely), a yummy breakfast, a hot shower, and a new city to explore!

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