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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our last day in Sedona...

We woke up with the sun, once again, but this time decided to get some morning fishing in at “the pool” near our campsite.  We couldn’t possibly go fishing though without a little snack – so we roasted some hot dogs for breakfast!  Hey, we’re camping, so whatever!

There’s this ONE giant trout in the pool... and we were hoping that if we came at sunrise, which is when the ranger said the fish bite the most, that we’d FINALLY catch him!  But that stupid thing wouldn’t touch our bait!  We practically dropped it on his head and he could care less.  No fish dinner for us tonight. 

To cheer us up, we drove a mile or so, over to Indian Gardens for our regular muffin breakfast!  We know that most of the places we’ll be staying in the next 20-30 days won’t have cute general stores or yummy baked goods, so we had to take advantage of it while we had it! J

I started feeling terrible during breakfast, so I popped a couple advil and took at nap at the campsite.  We’d planned to check out slide rock today, but I just couldn’t pull it together.  Laying down, and getting an article in, here and there, of my new “Life & Style” Magazine was about all I could do!  It’s been years since I’ve read celebrity gossip mags!  I didn’t even know Reese had a baby, or that Amanda Bines was going off the deep end.

My 2nd wind came around 4pm, so we headed into town for some scissors and a couple pens.  lol Yep, it was an exciting day in Sedona folks!  I can redeem the beginning of our day with the end of our day though, we did a little hike to see the creek from high above the cliffs…

…and we gave fishing one last effort and caught 3 fish (all of which we threw back because they either taste terrible when cooked, or were just too small to make cleaning and cooking them worth it!)  Lucky little guys got a 2nd chance at creek life! 

We had dinner by the fire and watched an episode of Modern Family in the tent… the same episode we tried to watch last night but that I fell asleep to.  Hey, this camping thing is tiring!  Tomorrow we’re driving up to Flagstaff for breakfast and then on to the Grand Canyon! J

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