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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We're FREE again!

Nyepi has passed and we're free to roam the island again!  This morning, we decided to check out of our beautiful (but $50 a night, ugh, expensive) hotel on the hill...

and made the small trek down to the beach to Bungalo No7, where we had stayed on our very first Asian vacation together 3 years ago!  This time, we got a beautiful room on the 2nd floor of their brand new building (room #2 with air con, hot water, and free breakfast) for 300,000 rupiah a night ($30), which is $15 less than the regular rate for this particular room. (FYI: The prices on their website are outdated by a couple years.) 

So, in other words, we got a GREAT DEAL!  We may or may not have said it was our honeymoon!  One of the locals that we met at our last hotel told us to say that because we can get better deals, and because we just got married not too long ago!

 Lucky for us, it worked!

 We dropped our stuff in the room, jumped on the scooter and headed to a little restaurant / water sports rental spot near the mangroves on the far end of the island.  Aaron had taken a little scooter journey while I was busy blogging the other day and said I had to meet Dino, a baby monkey that lived there (He's the owner's personal pet)!

He may look cute, but Dino is fiesty and VERY energetic!  When I went to say hello to him, he literally leaped at me from the tree, arms out, and mouth open wide and snatched my water bottle!  Then, he proceeded to climb all over me like I was his own personal jungle gym!  He was particularly interested in my belly button for some reason...  I'm not gonna lie, after seeing that lady in America who was mauled by the monkey, I wasn't quite as brave as I used to be!  I'd like to keep my face the way it is, thank you very much!  But, they said he'd never bitten anyone, so,  I gave Dino the benefit of the doubt and played with him for a couple minutes, then back in the tree he went to eat a banana and some rice!

We scooted over to the opposite side of the island to Dream Beach, which is one of our favorite beaches on the island!

... but before we jumped in that gorgeous water, we ordered some $3.50 Nasi Goreng and a drink to share...

and sat here at the bar, taking in the fresh air, blue skies, and warm sun!

... and did a little swinging... why not?! :)

Then it was back to the hotel for some swimming and $1.80 beers and $3.00 cocktails in the pool, dinner while the sunset and a walk around town! 

 We're loving Nusa Lembongan and having so much fun being back at Bungalo No7, reliving our vacation from 3 years ago!  Who knows, maybe we'll come back here in 3 more years - that is if we book enough weddings to stay afloat! :)  Anyone looking for a wedding photographer?!  lol ... No, seriously!