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Friday, March 1, 2013

Island life... Day 2 on Lombok Island, Indonesia

The internet is spotty here, at best, and there's only 1 place we've found with decent wifi and I'm here now, drinking my diet coke and listening to the waves crash 15 feet away!  Not bad, eh?  Aaron and I are having the best time here.  Today we had breakfast at Mimpi Manis (the homestay where we're staying) and hung out with Bob, one of 3 cats and 2 dogs at the homestay!  We're partial to Bob because he's just plain awesome!

After breakfast, we took the scooter, which is only $5.00 a day, to Warung Turtle on TangJung Aan beach and laid out for a while. 

... and had some lunch for $2 each!  SCORE!  We couldn't resist sharing some of it with this little schmooch!

Then, we turned around and looked up at the mountain behind the beach and saw a goat herder with his umbrella at the very top.  We immediately grabbed our stuff and hiked up to where he was, and it was STUNNING! 

After spending the afternoon on the mountain and swimming down below, we went back over to Kuta Beach and had some dinner here at Full Moon Cafe! 

That's where we met Mary, one of the sweetest little girls, selling bracelets.  We fell in love with her and Aaron caved in and decided that he and I needed to buy a bracelet from her.  I picked one out and Aaron asked her if she had another one in the same color.  She didn't, but said she could make it for us in 10 minutes! (AWESOME that she was making them, and they weren't from China!) 

So, she made us matching bracelets in the same color to commemorate our time in Lomok!

and I'll leave you with two sweet cats hugging.  lol  There's a lot of love around these parts!  It's a romantic island, can you blame them?!

Tomorrow we're planning to take a bit of a scooter adventure West to Mauan and Maui Beach! 

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