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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Goa Gaja and the Traditional Art Market!

I hope you're not sick of seeing photos of temples yet, because there are temples galore around this place, and when you have two photographers together, you're gonna end up with a lot of pictures!  Today we checked out Goa Gaja, built in the 9th century (801-900), about 5-10 minutes south east of Ubud.

The temple and it's surroundings are nothing short of extraordinary.  It was believe by the early Balinese that this was the actual fountain of youth.  Ahhh, If only that were true!

Now the water that pours from the jars of these 3 maidens is considered to be holy water and used for purification in the ceremonies.

This Elephant Cave at the temple is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It's really dark inside and thick with the smoke of burning incense, but worth going in.  I won't tell you what's inside. You'll have to go and see it for yourself! :)

You can tell this place has been around for hundreds of years, because the trees here are GIGANTIC!  The roots themselves are almost as tall as I am! 

While we were standing at one of the fountains, we met a guy from California who told us about a secret pathway that leads down into the river below the temple.  Secret pathway?!  We're in!  It took about 20-30 minutes for us to navigate through the thick jungle, over fallen trees, under bamboo tunnels and along steep drop offs...

It was completely worth the climb up and down to see this river!

 After Goa Gaja, we scooted back to town and had lunch at Budi's Warung, a cute little spot, across the street from a restaurant we ate at a lot the last time we were in Ubud!  This was equally as cheap and delicious!

Since we were close to the traditional art market, we took a little stroll around to see what we could find!  I certainly wasn't interested in a wood carved penis bottle opener, which seems to be a popular product in this market (bottom left of this pic).  No idea why!

... and while $2.00 for a beautiful sarong is a steal of a deal, I think 4 is enough for one girl!  I used my restraint and passed up buying another.

Instead, I bought 2 beautiful beaded coin purse/bag thing-a-ma-jiggys.  1 for $3 and the other for $1.50!

We went back to Three Monkey for dinner tonight!  Where else can you have delicious food next to rice terraces in the middle of the city?!  We love it here, period.


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    1. No, we didn't. Aaron talked about ordering it, but we weren't that hungry when we got there, so we only ordered meals and water. #sad