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Friday, March 8, 2013

Gili Islands... day 3 and 4 in Gili Air

So, remember when I told you about Chill Out Bar and Restaurant and how we basically camped out there all day every day and would swim and snorkel just out in front of it? Well, we decided that the 20 minute walk (or 10 minute bike ride) from there to Kaluku Bungalows was a little more exercise than we were up for for such a relaxing vacation spot! Okay, so while I’m partially joking, I am partially being serious! The sun is fierce around these parts and 20 minutes of walking in it is like standing in a humid sauna for the same amount of time! You can’t tell from this picture because it’s shaded for an hour or two of the day…

…but trust me. You look cute when you walk out of your hotel and then like a sweaty mess when you get to wherever you’re going! So, Aaron went out in search of a place a little closer to town and found Sunrise! For $20 a night, we rented this Indonesian style, 2 story bungalow, less than a 30 second walk from the beach! Good job A! 

The downstairs has a hammock, bed-ish lounging area, table and chairs and a bathroom. Then you climb a ladder/staircase up to a simple bedroom with balcony overlooking the courtyard and pool (which looks to be about 2 weeks away from completion)!

We dropped our stuff, threw on our bathing suits and Aaron headed to the reception area to pay for the first night… while I sipped a $2.00 strawberry milkshake 

 And lounged on one of Sunrise’s beachfront tables! 

 Then we plopped our stuff down at Chill Out (BTW: This seems to be the ONLY place with working wifi!) and did a little swimming, or floating! Poor Aaron still can’t manage to figure out how to float. 

 We rented bikes in the morning so we didn’t have to make the 20 minute walk with our giant backpacks when we moved from Kaluku to Sunrise. So, since we had them for the day, we did another little ride around the island! 

 Don’t be fooled by what appears to be a photo of me, riding a bike down a beautiful sand pathway! Because, if this were a video, you’d see that I was slipping and sliding and falling every 4 feet and yelling to Aaron that trying to ride around the island was the dumbest idea we’d had all day! 

 After a ride like that, we were sweaty and ready for more water time! 

And then some dinner and drinks! 

While watching the sunset over the beach of course… 

We called it a night and spent some time out on our balcony watching New Girl and relishing in the incredible life we’ve been blessed with! 

 Hope you had an equally great day, wherever you may be in the world!


  1. You're making me excited for Indonesia!! :)

  2. Beautiful photos you guys! I love the pictures with the bikes!