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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dolphins, Kitties, Secret Beaches and Spear Fishing!

We had such a great time fishing with Captain Bobo that we decided to go again this morning, only this time we didn't catch any. :(  We brought the boat back to the beach to pick up some snorkelers and I hopped off and rode the scooter into town to check e-mail and do some blogging while Aaron went back out with them.  Lucky guy actually got to swim with a school of dolphins!!  All I got to do was drive the scooter and stop here for some 50 cent gas in a water bottle!

I came back to Silisti and Captain Bobo's warung at 10am, when they said they would be returning from the snorkeling trip, but they didn't come back till 11am, so Silisti, her sister in law and I all hung out together... oh and my favorite little cuddy kitty!

The girls were busy making these palm frond baskets, which they use for their morning offerings to their god and ancestors.  They each make 50 of these things EVERY DAY... 50!!  It took me about 5 minutes just to make one, but they're fast because they make them everyday!  Aaron and I were talking about how we're gonna make these when we're in America and pour fried rice and veggies in there to serve for dinner.  Anyone care to come to our place for a little Asian themed dinner party in August of 2013? 

Aaron came back from the snorkeling trip...

... just as Silisti was serving me my $3 tuna grilled in banana leaf! mmmmmm  Her parents are fishermen and caught this particular tuna this morning.  Doesn't get more fresh than that! 

We decided to check out Coconut Beach, a tiny beach just west of our hotel, so we said goodbye to the mangroves and headed west.  We knew we couldn't get to Coconut Beach by scooter, so we followed the path through the gorgeous woods...

... and loved when the trees would thin out just enough for us to get a glimpse of the surfers down below...

...past the abandoned house... here, lovely Coconut Beach!

Sadly, it wasn't a great swimming beach because of today's windy/stormy weather, so we continued our hike over to the next westward beach, Tamarind.

I was ready to get in the water, but just to the left of this picture was a dark grey sky, filled with rain and lightning, so we enjoyed the beach for a sec and headed right back through the woods to our hotel!

We may or may not have stopped along the path for a delicious slice of carrot cake!

We spent a little bit of time at the hotel while the storm passed over... then drove back over to Silisti and Captain Bobo's.  We're such animal lovers... yep, even cats.

We're leaving Lembongan tomorrow morning, so this was our last night with Silisti and Captain Bobo... :(

 Bobo goes spear fishing almost every night and invited Aaron to try his hand at night spear fishing!

Aaron was soooo excited for this! 

Sadly, it was a bit of a train wreck.  It was really windy, so the waves were big and crashing over their snorkels, (which let's water in and causes you to breath in gulps of saltwater!!!), the fish were at least 6 meters down below the surface, Aaron was struggling with holding a giant flashlight in one hand, a spear gun in the other and attempting to swim with no arms at the same time, while trying not to get run over by the boat (which did happen once!  He said he thought it was the end for him.)  Thankfully, he made it back onto the boat in one piece with only a nasty scrap on his foot from the coral, a sore head from getting run over, a heart beating out of his chest and a lot of nightmares in his future!  On the bright side, Captain Bobo speared a jacket fish, which Silisti prepared for A for dinner!     

I'm so glad A made it home tonight.  It would be an understatement to say I was worried about him out there in the dark ocean, trying to swim with a spear gun in his hand!  Sometimes you just have to let your man do what he wants to do though and hope for the best!  Thankfully he doesn't ever wanna do it again! lol


  1. I still can't believe the story about Aaron getting hit by the boat! I'm glad he made it out alive!

    1. You and me both! Can you imagine life without Aaron?!! NO WAY!