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Sunday, February 3, 2013

3 more weekends!

It's Sunday night here now, which means I only have 3 more weekends left of living in Asia!  WHAT?!  I've been dead set on getting out of the apartment to see some of my favorite places in Busan one last time before we go!  So, Friday night Aaron and I went to a really cool makgeolli and pajung place in Seomyeon that had actual built in lofts (think bunk bed style) where you could climb a ladder and sit on the floor up above everyone else! Sadly our group was too big (Me, A, Stella, Chris, Ashley, Adam, Priscilla, Grace, Jeff, and JuhYe) so we got sat at a table in the back next to the piles of makgeolli bottles!  It's a good thing we don't NEED a built in loft to have a good time!   The pajung was to die for!  I didn't take any photos, but if you live in Busan and are interested in checking out a cool makgeolli joint, this is where it is:

On Saturday I met Gill at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Seomyeon for Tea for Three. Sam is visiting her family in South Africa for Winter vacation, so it was just the two of us!  The two G/Jill's!

This morning Aaron and I took the express bus out to Haeundae to meet our friend Chooch, his son Sheldon...

... Chooch's wife Rachel, Anne and Crystal at the BRAND NEW Park Hyatt Hotel in Haeundae for a little tour around the place!

Pretty cool looking huh?!

Why you ask, did we take a tour of the new Park Hyatt? Well, because Aaron was commissioned to do some photography for the hotel!  His photographs are on ALL of the room keys and the shopping bags in the gift shop, and since Chooch's wife works for the hotel, she was able to grab the master key and show us around the place before it opens in a couple weeks!  We spent about and hour together lounging in the Presidential and Diplomatic Suites, as if we were guests!  Sadly, lounging for an hour is the closest we'll ever get to staying in the $2000 a night rooms!  But Rachel told us we could lay on the ridiculously soft and all white beds when she saw Crystal and I drooling over them, so I plopped down with her and Anne and took it all in... aahhhh, pure bliss!  (I snapped these two photos with my iphone)

That bathtub... That view!  29 floors up!

The hotel has an UNOBSTRUCTED view of the famous Gwangan Bridge!  AMAZING, right?!  Aaron taught me how to combine the three photos I took out the window into 1 panorama!  This definitely won't be the last panorama I post!

After playing in all of the fancy rooms / spa / pool / restaurant and bar, we walked over to Quiznos for lunch together and then over to a fancy cafe for coffee and chocolate cake!  mmm

Chooch, Crystal and Anne (We were all in the same EPIK orientation class back in February of 2009!)

After our tummy's were full off of delicious lattes, coffee and cake, we took a walk over to the SSG Food Market (basically a market with any and every foreign grocery item you could ever want!  Ahhh, how I wish we lived closer to this little gem.)  As a side note, this is the building where Chooch and his wife and two little boys live!  It's across from the hotel and coffee shop where we'd been hanging out all day. How cool are the apartment buildings in Haeundae?! 

Aaron was so excited to find Basil in the SSG Food Market and is already planning what he's gonna cook up for dinner for us tomorrow!

I love to see my guy in the grocery store!  There aren't a whole lot of things sexier than that!  :)

 I'm home now and cozied up in my bed, ready to watch the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy and then fall asleep... Tomorrow starts the LAST FULL WEEK of classes that I'll ever teach in Korea... and 3 more weekends to enjoy my little corner of Asia!  

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  1. Wow, three more weekends?! Crazy. I am so jealous you got to have maekgeolli and pajeon! Those are 2 foods we really miss. And how did I not make it to that amazing food store? Fresh herbs?! xo