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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Girls day!

My alarm went off at 6:30 am this morning (not my favorite thing for a Saturday morning), but it was all for a good reason!  I was meeting my two co-teachers at the Sasang Bus Terminal to spend the day in Jeonju together. In true Korean fashion though, plans went awry at the last minute and instead of exploring the 1250 year old city, we spent the day in Seomyeon (downtown Busan)!  Ugh. Why you ask? Well, Okk had set her alarm wrong and woke up minutes before we were supposed to meet (strike 1), then when Loola and I got to the bus terminal to buy tickets, all of the buses to Jeonju ended up being sold out (strike 2)!  We were doomed.  

We made the best of it and ate breakfast together at McDonald's (double ugh for the unhealthy food, but it was the only place open!), went to see Life Of Pi for $4 at Megabox (which is an AWESOME movie by the way!), then had coffee and lunch at Paris Baguette Cafe before bidding farewell for the rest of Winter vacation!

The 3 Dae Gyo Elementary School English Musketeers!
Loola... Me (aka Chelsey)... Okk

Korea is known to be dynamic!  This was just another one of those days and as I've learned over the years, it's good to just smile and go with the flow.  The original plans may have gone awry, but I got to spend the day with these two goofballs - I'd say it worked out pretty well!


  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome day to me! I always wanted to go to Jeonju but never went so I do hope that you will go anyway and share all the pics ;-)

  2. Tru, you're in luck! We rescheduled it for feb 2nd and you know I'll take lots of pics to share, just for YOU!