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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Ludoph the Led Nosed Leindeer!"

Anytime we've traveled to another country where English isn't the first language, we'll hear funny pronunciations of English words that make us giggle a little!  Korea is no exception! There's actually no "R" sound in the Korean language. The closest is an "L" sound, and looks like this in Hangul: 르. I'm constantly hounding my students to repeat words like 'red, rainbow, reindeer, and right', over and over again until their pronunciation is better! We're making progress, slowly, but progress none the less!

Last weekend, Aaron and I took a 4 mile walk around the neighborhood, through the fish market, Gukje Market and Nampodong, where we stood and watched this darling kids choir singing 
Bless their sweet little hearts! Someone just needs to send them to my English classroom!  :)


  1. I remember as a 5 year old being very frustrated that I couldn't get Spanish children to say my sister's name "Clare" - they couldn't put the "cl" and "air" sounds together so just said "Air"! In the end, my mum intervened to provide the Spanish version "Clara". I was totally confused and jealous (I didn't have a different Spanish name!)...

    1. Sad.... Did you live in a Spanish speaking country as a kid?!