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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Revenge Party!

Back when I was in High School, my best friend Ryan Breska would have 90210 parties at his place every Wednesday night!  I was always late, because I was at church youth group, but I tried to never miss a 90210 night!  There was just something about coming together with 10-15 of our closest friends, all huddled around the TV with popcorn and a quality show to watch that made Wednesday nights something to look forward to every week!

So, when my good friend Ashley told me about how she LOVES Revenge, which I'm also completely hooked on, it was a no-brainer, as far as I was concerned, that we should needed to get together every Monday night to watch the new episodes together!  ... and thus our Monday night Revenge parties were born!

Last Monday night was our 3rd Monday in a row, watching the new season together!  We switch off apartments each Monday night and this Monday was at my place, so Aaron and I decided to cook a vegetarian dinner and invite Chris and Stella over for a little triple date / Revenge viewing party! 
So glad we did too!   

Aaron and I made corn tortillas from scratch, stuffed bell peppers, Mexican rice, homemade salsa and lentil tacos!  mmmmm  

It was a big hit! 

No Revenge night is complete without pajamas Ajuma (old Korean lady) pants! 

Aaron is such a workhorse in the kitchen! He stood here, warming each corn tortilla before our friends filled it!  Love his helpfulness!

 When we told Stella that we were making corn tortillas from scratch the night before, she requested, as a joke, for a heart shaped tortilla!  My response to her was, "When you ask for it, we deliver!"  Nice to know my cookie cutters come in handy sometimes! 

During dinner, we had told Chris and Stella about our ghetto street and how our area of the island is known to be a bit shady!  So, it was no surprise when we were watching Revenge that we were interrupted by the screams of an old drunk man on the front steps of the Love Motel across the street!    

 This guy wasn't just drunk... he was WASTED!  The boys were enthralled with this him and how he was staggering out of the motel, falling into the planters, screaming at the top of his lungs, and then passing out with his head between his legs!   

Aaron and I usually get a kick out of messing with drunk people on our street!  It usually involves Maverick's laser pointer, which we shine down in front of them as their walking and laugh as they become obsessed with the bright red dot and try to figure out where it's coming from as they topple over their equally wasted friends!  Tonight though, us girls took it to another level!  We got the potato gun out and loaded it with tiny potato pellets and shot them over at the man!  Don't worry, they're tiny, they don't hurt, and our aim was horrible!  Not sure we ever even made contact! ... and our drunk target never even flinched!  lol  ** There may or may not have been a few cherry tomatoes that leaped out the window as well. :)  

Revenge night #3 group shot!  
From left to right: Chris, Stella, cool guy #1, Ashley, cool guy #2, me and Maverick!  

As Ashley was walking out the door at 11:45pm, she made my heart happy by saying, "I look forward to Monday nights every week now!  I'm so glad we're doing this"  I couldn't agree more Ash!  
Thanks for a great night you 5!


  1. I like our group photo!! I'm glad Mav got in it too :)!

  2. Thank you for the heart tortillas! Truly made with love.

  3. Ummm... This food!?!?! Oh my gawd. I'm so full from tonight, but I'm drooling! Recipe for the tortillas and lentil tacos, please!!

    1. Meg, tortillas were made with Hasa Marina corn flour (from iherb) and water! It was time consuming but sssooo easy! Not sure about the lentil tacos recipe... Aaron can't remember what spices he had tossed in! :( sorry!

  4. Revenge and Mexican food?! Two of my favorite things! Corn tortillas from scratch is a great idea. I had my parents bring us a huge pack when they visited us in Korea!

    1. Norah, wish I had met you earlier so you could have joined our Revenge nights!