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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Help us choose a name!

If you don't follow me on Facebook, you may not know that Aaron and I are in the process of choosing a name for our beloved photography company in the making. We've narrowed it down to 4 names and are asking our family, friends, blog readers, and future brides through WeddingBee to give us their input.  It's important to us that we hear all sides and opinions.  So, that's where you come in!  We need your help, so let us know which name you think is best! 

1. Aaron Nicholas Photography (Nicholas is Aaron's middle name)
2. Red Elephant Photography
3. Plus One / +One Photography
4. Osteen Photography

Vote by commenting below - and feel free to do it anonymously!  We won't judge! :)


  1. Either #1 or #2.

    #3 sounds like maternity photos to me. #4 sounds very posed/formal/old school to me. (Sorry! It's lovely as a last name, though!)

  2. I prefer the first one. It has a simple and understated elegance. Also until you have name recognition or the marketing muscle, it is preferable to have the name succinctly describe the business rather than possibly distract with something too quirky.

    Either way, I hope you guys have nothing but success in your personal and professional pursuits.

    - sleepy

  3. I like number two since I can immediately imagine the cute logo that goes with it!

  4. Thanks everyone!! Aaron Nicholas and Red Elephant are neck and neck in the 3 different polls so far! It's gonna be a close call! We were hoping for a more distinct difference in ratings, but looks like we have 2 equally great names to choose from! :)

  5. I like #2. There is no mention of you in #1 and you are part of the business, too.

  6. I like number 2 as well (if you're still taking votes, that is!). :)