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Monday, September 24, 2012

This week!

This weekend was an abnormally early morning weekend!  Aaron and I had scheduled 2 sunrise photo shoots, one on Saturday and the other on Sunday, both of which happened to be on the other end of Busan!  I'm not sure we truly knew what we were getting ourselves into with scheduling sunrise shoots until our alarms began buzzing at 4:ooam!  Wow, that is EARLY!  But we made it through and have some really beautiful photos to prove it!  (You'll have to wait though, sorry!)

Some new news for us... we're transitioning into being vegetarians!  After watching the movie Forks over Knives, I think we both just realized the benefits of sticking to a plant based diet, and are gonna try our best to cook vegetarian meals at home.  I may slip in a little meat at the school cafeteria, or some Korean BBQ if we're out to dinner with friends, but for the most part, we're gonna try to steer clear of meat!

Chuseok is coming up this weekend and with it, we're given a 5 day vacation from work!  Our KTX train tickets have been purchased and we're planning to spend 3 days up in Seoul with Jess and Carlos!  We are soooo looking forward to getting some quality time in with them, seeing some new scenery, 
cooking with Jess, shopping at H&M and Forever21 (aaaahhhhh American sizes!), sipping tea in cute coffee shops, eating delicious food in trendy Seoul restaurants and even fitting in a photo shoot of the two of them!  It's just what the doctor ordered!

Tomorrow, I'm off to a birthday dinner for Meagan and Wednesday's a teaching dinner with the teacher's in my hallway at work!

Should be a nice, relaxing week!   

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  1. What a week. I hope things would turn out fine on more weeks to come. Cheerios.