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Sunday, September 2, 2012

My last 2 weeks!

Aaron and I have been busy bees lately!  We've been studying up on how to start a small business and all the tax laws / legal mumbo jumbo that goes with it.  Kinda feels like I'm back in college all over again, except without the giant student loans - Man, I LOVE the internet!  

Two Friday's ago, I got to have dinner with my old friend Colin, who I met when I first came to Korea (remember him?).  He's traveling Asia for 7 weeks and was in Busan, visiting old friends.  We met up at Fuzzy Navel Tacos in Seomyeon and spent 2 1/2 hours catching up on lost time - It's amazing how much can happen in 2 1/2 years!
*Iphone pic

Last Saturday, we had a really fun Anniversary photo shoot with an English teaching married couple, 

... at a local amusement park in Busan.  We all bought the unlimited ride pass and laughed, screamed, and said our prayers that the rides didn't break, pretty much our whole way through the night!  We had a blast hanging out with these two while building our portfolio and getting some great experience and fun images!  They were up for anything, which allowed us to try a lot of different things, some of which worked beautifully and others of which were disasters, no fault of theirs!  lol  We learned an important lesson that night: If we're trying to get nice couple photos, don't attempt doing it in a crowded Korean Amusement Park, no matter how fun and cute the backdrop is!  Lesson learned!  
Thanks for being our guinea pigs you two!

Last week we had a Typhoon roll in (Typhoon Bolaven), which I blogged about here.  It was scheduled to come right through Busan on Tuesday morning, but unfortunately took a detour further west.  That didn't stop Aaron and I from enjoying some of it's powerful winds though!  Aaron picked me up from work, and we rode the scooter over to the west end of the island and watched the usually calm ocean waters crashing against the bridge, sending water 30 feet in the air!  It was a sight to be seen!  Not to mention, the wind was so powerful it nearly blew me over a couple times.
*Iphone pic

Last Sunday night, we had a couple's date night at the Lotte Giant's game with 3 other couples who are English teachers in Busan!  These 6 have become friends of ours over the last 2-4 months, and we absolutely love being around them.  Aaron and the boys are like peas in a pod and us four girls are just as close!  It's a special friendship that's begun to form over the short time we've known each other, and we're lucky to have them!  Oh, and to make things even better, the Giants WON!
*Iphone pic

On Wednesday, I took the day off work!  :)  Since living in Korea, I've tried my best to mold to the Korean "workhorse mentality" and only use my sick days if I'm literally keeling over.  (My old co-teacher, Monica, worked as a teacher for something like 25 years and NEVER took a sick day... and that's actually common in Korean society!)  But, I decided that since it's my last year here, I'd reward myself for the hard work I've put in all these years and take a sick day to relax and stay in bed!  (My neck and back were really really sore, so that was my excuse.)   I spent the day lounging in bed, watching teeny bopper movies like Katy Perry's movie Part Of Me, playing with Maverick and basically just being a lazy bum!  

Yesterday, we did a photoshoot with the most adorable 2 month old baby boy.  His mom and dad, who happen to be from Indiana and Michigan, have been living and working in Korea for 2 years now as English teachers.  Katelyn, the mom, actually had an all natural birth here in Korea, which is amazing to me!  What's even more amazing is that her ENTIRE delivery bill was $300!  Heeellllloooo!  Here's a little sneak peak of their bundle of joy, Trip!  Schmooch!!!!!

Last night was Jenna's 25th birthday (far left of the picture above at the baseball game)... So she invited us, the other 2 couples in the picture, plus some other close friends to a party at her apartment.  I made my "semi-famous" chocolate chip - oreo stuffed cookies once again.  They've become my go-to when potlucks come around and to see people's fingers immediately grab for them as soon as I pull the lid off the tupper ware is a nice compliment for me! The party was so much fun! ... so much fun in fact, that Aaron and I arrived home in a taxi at 4am. Ahh, to be young again! :) 
*Iphone pic

This morning we watched some college football (Clemson vs Auburn), a bit of a rival game between Aaron and my mom!  Then we spent a couple hours on skype with my mom and dad, which is always a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  Later, naps were had, a movie was watched and a Mexican style dinner was jointly prepared, cooked and devoured - thanks for the recipe Pinterest!

There's not much on the schedule this week except for a couple's photo shoot with a gorgeous married couple on Saturday and a birthday party for our friend Adam later that night!  Looks like I'll be making more cookies... (and exercising all the sugar away!) Hope everyone's doing well on the other side of the world.  

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  1. You seem to be having soooo much fun! Even then you get stuck in a typhoon! Beautiful pics :)