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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Foam mustaches and friends!

Last year, (or was it the year before - geez, time goes by fast) I would get together every Wednesday night after work and have tea or coffee with my two girlfriends Gill and Truchen.  We cleverly named it Tea For Three! Truchen has since moved back to South Africa and Gill's long time friend Sam has moved to Busan and taken her place in the Tea for Three outings! 

This weekend, Gill, Sam and I all met up in Nampodong and had cheese bi bim bap (YUMMMY) for lunch, did a little shopping through the market and then loaded up on foamy coffee at our favorite little coffee shop!

We were all good girls and bypassed the bakery section this time... We're not always so health conscious though!

Foam mustache portraits! 

It's hard to get a foam mustache to stay when you have little bird lips like me!  

But don't think we didn't give it our best shot though! 

Close girlfriends, yummy coffee, and the kind of laughter that makes you almost tinkle your pants are three of God's greatest blessings!  When they're all mushed into one fun afternoon, it's pretty darn awesome! 

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