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Monday, August 27, 2012

Typhoon Bolaven!

They say it's coming tonight, and it's supposed to be intense, but Korea is dynamic and I'm not so sure I believe all the reports that Typhoon Bolaven will be the BIGGEST tropical storm to hit the country in over 50 years!  So far, it seems like your average night... It's not even raining yet!  And from the looks of the weather satellite, the center of the typhoon is moving more and more east towards China... But either way, Aaron and I are excited about the possibility of a big storm coming!  Our windows are cracked just enough to hear the potential downpour during the night and my new Hunter rain boots are laid out by the door, ready for their adventure to work tomorrow morning.  The students have been told to stay home from school, but the teachers are required to come and desk warm...  Not sure how that makes sense, but things around here usually never do!  I just go with the flow and chalk it up to a cultural difference! :)  I guess the "glass half full" side to it would be that my school classroom has a better view than my apartment, so I can watch the storm from a better vantage point while I sip coffee and read a book! :)    

P.S. My little storm chaser husband just jumped on the scooter (11:15pm) and headed towards the ocean to see what's a brewin'!  I, on the other hand, am cozy in my PJ's in bed!  

Bring it on Bolaven!  We're ready for ya!

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