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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Queen for the day!

Wow, what a day today has been!!!  Aaron's aunt Vicki purchased our flights back to America as our wedding gift and upgraded us to Business and First Class the whole way!  We literally felt like a king and queen today and have to share... It'll make you never wanna fly coach again.  We knew it was a once in a lifetime opp, so we soaked it in and enjoyed every last second of it!

When we arrived at the airport in Busan and checked in, it didn't matter that our suitcases were too heavy, because we were "priority" for the day! Even the lady at the desk spoke to us with an added bit of respect! :)  As she handed us our tickets, she reminded us that we were welcome to relax in the "Asiana Lounge on the second floor" if we'd like!
What?!  THE RICH PEOPLE LOUNGE?!!  ....US??  Jackpot!

So, there we were at the door to the lounge, practically giddy about getting to go inside and see what it was all about.

It was basically a really nice room with comfy tables and chairs and this area where everything was FREE! Score!  Take whatever you want!  Care for some liquor before your big flight... 
They've got that too!  LOL

I had myself a diet coke (surprise, surprise), and couldn't resist pouring it into this teeny tiny miniature goblet that I found on the counter!  Everything tastes better in cute glassware, right?!  

The tradition travel ticket pic.  Try saying that 5 times fast!

Our first flight actually wasn't first class, because it was a 30 minute flight up to Seoul, so there's nothing fun to tell about that part of the trip... When we arrived in Seoul however, the excitement began.  We headed to the gate where our flight to San Francisco was scheduled to depart from and asked if we could check in early.  The ladies working there said our flight had been cancelled, and that there wasn't another one leaving until the next day! Uuummmmm..... That's not gonna work for us... sorry!  Luckily, they were able to get us on a Singapore Airlines flight leaving that same day, in 3 hours! Perfect, we'll take it!

With three hours to watse, we did what any other "Asiana priority member" would do... we went to the lounge! And boy did this one blow the other one out of the water! 

In addition to a full array of food and drinks and about 100 comfy chairs, they had private rooms where you could sit in a massage chair, which sometimes I think are even better than the real deal!  

Yep, I could get used to waiting for my plane by sitting in a massage chair with my iphone and drink in my hand!

This place even had shower suites!  We didn't take advantage of those though...  Not because we don't like to be clean, but because we were fine and content lounging and snacking away on yummy treats and drinks!

At 5:30pm, we boarded our Singapore Airlines flight from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco and made ourselves comfortable in the lap of luxury we call Business Class! Aaron had used to find out which seat was the best in the business class section, when we were re-booking our flight, and luckily it was available.  We had almost twice as much leg space as the other guys behind us!  (You should always check that website when you're picking your seats.)

The giant seats were amazing in themselves, but then tack on the impeccable service and it was over the top amazing!  It seriously felt like we had our own personal assistants... They even called me Ms. Anderson whenever they would ask if I'd like some fresh bread, a fresh glass of wine, some ice cream, a warm towel for my hands, an extra pillow, a chocolate, some fruit, a croissant, some cheese and crackers... My favorite though was when they asked if I'd love for them to help my convert my chair into a bed for the night... INTO A BED!!  What?!!  It was the never ending stream of food, service and comfort that will making flying coach terribly sad in the future.  
We've been utterly spoiled!

Dinner was a 4 course meal!  ...4 fancy courses, people!  First on the menu was veal cabobs.... not for everyone, but I happened to be a fan.

This guy was a fan too!

 Then, in between the cabobs and the next plate, I decided I'd order some hot chocolate, because heck, why not!? The drink menu was 4 pages long and I wanted to take advantage of it! :)  There were actually real chunks of chocolate in there.  Singapore Airlines DOES NOT disapoint!

Next was a salmon salad with caviar.   Salmon = great... Caviar = a snail. I can't do it!

 Then came my chicken and vegetables...

and Aaron's ribs!

All that while enjoying our choice of about 100 things to watch!  I would have been content staying here for a couple days!  It honestly felt a little like a cruise, where you're comfy, the service is awesome and the food never stops coming!

AAaaahhhh, my chair turned bed!  I could lay completely flat and straight and didn't touch my feet on the wall where my TV was. I slept 8 hours straight... like a baby...

 ... that is, until I was tapped on the shoulder and told that my pancake breakfast was ready!

I may, quite possibly have gained all the weight back, in one single flight, that I worked so hard to lose over the past 2 months!  Do I dare say it was worth it?!  
It was worth it!



  1. Love your blog! I've lurked for a while and it's been so much fun following your adventures. I taught English in Asia a few years ago and it was an amazing experience. Also, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

    My husband and I flew business class from Seoul to Tokyo once. It was worth every penny and absolutely divine. We usually fly coach but my husband had gotten food poisoning our last night in Seoul (boo!) and so the upgrade was largely so he could bear our flight. We have two kids now so I'm not sure we'll ever be able to do it again but it was so amazing. I'm so jealous that you got to travel in such style for such a long flight!

  2. Sharon, thanks for coming out of the shadows! :) It's fun to see who's following along. Thanks for the congratulations! Where were you working in Asia?!