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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Kind-a Bachelorette Party!

When my 4 sweet girlfriends from the other side of town told me they wanted to throw me a spa / girl day for my bachelorette, I knew they knew me well!  I'm not one for parading around town with penis headbands and half naked boys dancing and rubbing up against me, while I down shots of vodka to celebrate my upcoming nuptials!  That's just never been me, and I'm pretty sure Aaron's a fan of my toned down bachelorette party style!

So, the plan was for me to come to Gill's apartment at 2pm on Saturday and to dress comfy, but to bring something nice for later!  Easy enough!  :)  When I got there, Gill, Crystal, and Anne were all waiting for me, with a bed mat, pillows, and towels laid out on the floor, and a table full of every spa necessity...

...And 2 yummy plates full of delicious fresh fruit and chocolate ganash 
(which was the first time I'd ever tried it!  YUM)

Gill had even pre-made her own little concoction of a cocktail punch for all of us...

After lounging for a bit and catching up on the latest TV and real life gossip, they told me to get comfy and relax!  It's one thing to have spa services, it's another when you're OWN friends do it for you!  I felt soooo special! 

Crystal was the pedicure-ist extraordinaire...

... Not only did she paint my toenails with little pink hearts, because what better to paint the bride's toenails with than pink hearts, but she did an exfoliate and foot massage too!  Now that's REAL friendship right there.
 Gill studied cosmetology back in South Africa and is a really great make-up artists and hair stylist... What I didn't know though, was that she can do facial's too!  She did a fabulous mud mask on me and a facial massage!  I could get used to that!

Sam got there around 2:30pm...

She was late because she was baking these delicious orange and banana muffins! 
 Anne hung out on the couch, sipping her cocktail, while snapping some pictures of me getting pampered!

We had such a nice afternoon together at Gills... It was the perfect way to spend one of my last Saturday's as a single lady (well, not single, but not married!)

At about 6:00, the girls said it was time to get out of our comfy clothes and get ready for our night out!  Gill actually did ALL of our make-up, which was such a fun treat!

Anne and I were the first two ready for the night! :)  And yes, that is a tiara on my head!  They made me wear it so that people knew that something special was happening!  Most of the Koreans I saw just thought I was trying to be cutesy (talk about embarrassing) and all the foreigners kept wishing me happy birthday! 

We were out the door and in a taxi by 7pm, heading towards Gwangali Beach, where we had a fabulous dinner together, overlooking the famous Gwangan bridge and beach! 

After dinner, we took a walk down the street (which had been blocked off for street performers)... the girls kept jokingly telling me that they had organized the street to be shut down and for all the performers to be out for my bachelorette party!  I'm gullible, but not that gullible!  We stopped and gawked at an incredible Taekwondo show (previous blog), and waited until after the show to get some photos with them!

Check out that tough face!  I don't mess around!

Next stop was Thursday Party Gwangali and then Kyungsung for some after dinner fun!  Pretty nails!

This is a typical Anne and Crystal photo and shows their personalities perfectly!  They are a blast to have around and are always being silly and cracking jokes!  I think this was taken shortly after our table had been approached by some Australian guys and Anne was doing her best to shoo them away by talking with a VERY exaggerated lisp.
We were all dying!

I've known these four (except Sammy dear) for over 2 years now and I adore and love all of them to pieces!  Thank you so much for making me feel so special on Saturday and for pampering me, toasting to me, and just all around being fabulous friends! :)  
Love you 4!

See you when I'm a wife!


  1. But how cool would that be if they actually shut down the entire street just for your bachelorette party? =D Your friends seem to be an amusing bunch to hang around with. You won’t get bored with them, that’s for sure. What if you treat your girls in return for throwing you a great bachelorette party? Georgica is a place to be for dining in and hanging out.

    Ella Fleming

  2. He-he! I can relate to it so much. It’s not just bachelorette party, for us whenever my friends will be at my place we will do this every time. We might have to think of some other theme for my bachelorette party. We are thinking about event halls for rent. I think it should be at an outdoor place.